World Masters Cup

Dallas Texas 1996-2007

About Us

Daniel Donati has been the Director of the World Masters of Soccer Cup and Legends Cup for many years, and was involved in the tournament from the very start.

He is also a businessman, with his firm Acrytex, leader in POP solutions in North Texas.

We would also like to mention some of the leaders of the different communities like Anthony Mungioli, Calica Fernandez, Vernon Seebaran, Dr Ricardo Rocha, Miguel Mendoza and Juan Rodriguez, Dionisio Cezar Franzak and Roberto Silva, Aldemar Barrera and Luis Lara, Stephen "Striker" Orr, etc.

Manny Ortiz was the referee commissioner and Manuel Aponte helped with everything else.

We are sure many people have not been mentioned but they have contributed as well...

Thanks to all!

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