World Masters Cup

Dallas Texas 1996-2007

The best soccer in Dallas for over 10 years

After a hiatus of two years, we can say now the days of the WMC are gone..

As much as we will miss all of this, it would have been sad trying to keep this tournament alive when the resources and possibilities would have produced an event not worthy of its history.

Thanks to Daniel Donati, founder and Director of both Legends Cup and World Masters Cup. who made it happen.

When it started, back in 1996, a group of community leaders which included people like Nestor Esquerre, Juan Gentile, Bea Beltran Warrick, Dr Ricardo Rocha, Glen Jolley among others had the idea of putting together several teams representing the different international communities residing in Dallas / Fort Worth. In addition some guest pro players including World Cup stars Manuel Negrete (Mexico) Luis Ramirez "Pele" Zapata (El Salvador) and Hector Chumpitaz (Peru) would join their national teams, composed in its majority with amateur and local players.

As the years progressed more and more stars would come to Dallas and new countries joined the tournament, including Albania, Iran, England, Nigeria and Ethiopia, and the tournament moved to the beautiful Jesuit Stadium in North Dallas.

The name of the tournament changed to Wortld Masters Cup, and here is a list of some of the amazing players that have visited us through the years:

Argentina: Pedro Catalano, Nestor Merlo, Carlos Barisio, Diego Soñora, Felipe Bellini, Jorge Papandrea, Fabian Basualdo, Jorge Borelli, Hector "Cohio" Almandoz, Javier Novarini, Hermes Desio, Carlos Enrique, Carlos "Cacho" Cordoba, Oscar Pisano, Nestor Caceres, Gustavo Onaindia, Jorge Matheu, Fabio "Yagui" Fernandez, Hernan Manrique, Nelson Agoglia, German Martelloto, Mariano "Loco" Dalla Libera, Jose Barrella, Leonardo Facundo Flores, Leo Liberman, Horacio Ato Leone, Daniel Tilger, Walter Parodi, Walter Loyola, Gustavo Dezotti, Alfredo Graciani, Alberto Naveda, Sergio Verdirame, Fabian Salas, Pedro Remigio Magallanes and Sergio Almiron. And local pros and semi-pros like Jose Maria Bazan, Diego Gordillo, Daniel Donati, Javier Krumm, Alejandro Gorosito, Oscar Pisano, Oscar Borgarello, Gabriel Gentile and Alex Pantarotto.

Bolivia: Erwin Viveros, Nery Quintana, Carlos Borja, Franklin Flores, Milton Melgar, Marco "Diablo" Etcheverry, Erwin "Platini" Sanchez, Alvaro Peña, Juan Carlos Ruiz Silva, Reynaldo Suarez, Juan Carlos Menacho and Eligio Martinez among others.

Brazil: Ze Carlos, Carlos Germano Rozembach, Mauricio Bassan, Celso Gomes, Rodrigo Carbone, Wilson Gotardo, Paulo Pereira, Nelsinho Kerchner, Alex Murador, Jorginho Putinatti, Paulo Silas, Renato Sampaio, Bruno Ferreti, Giampaulo Pedroso, Newton Santana, Antonio Careca, James Madriaga, Marcio Santos "Zequinha" and Ze Sergio Presti among others.

Colombia: Eduardo Niño, Jose Celis, Oscar Cortes, Javier Martinez, Roberto Vidales, Dorian Zuluaga, Orlando "Pony" Maturana, Bonner Mosquera, Mario Coll, Freddy Rincon, Oscar "Moño" Muñoz, Jose Wilmer "Pelusa" Perez, Oscar Pareja, Ruben Dario Hernandez, Ricardo "Gato" Perez and Carlos "Pibe' Valderrama among others.

Guatemala: Rogelio Flores, Oscar Samayoa, Luis Alfonso Espel, Felipe Carias, Rudy y Mynor McNish, Victor Carranza, Carlos "Calica" Fernandez, Otto Enriquez, Gonzalo "Chalo" Romero, Carlos Merlo, Benjamin "Mincho" Monterroso, Juan Manuel "Memin" Funes, Edgar Arriaza, Edwin Westphal, Rocael Quintana among others

Mexico: Tirso Carpizo, Antonio Gutierrez, Jose Luis Salgado, Raul "Potro" Gutierrez, Alberto Mariscal, Daniel "Travieso" Guzman, Efrain "Cuchillo" Herrera, Juan Carlos Franco, Sergio Pacheco, Jose Luis Mata, Salvador "Chava" Reyes, Victor Reza, Humberto "Romerito" Romero, Damian Alvarez and Manuel Negrete among others.

Peru: Miguel Miranda, Dionisio Gil, Pedro Belber, Leo Rojas, Hector Chumpitaz, Enrique "Kike" Leon, Jose Luis "Puma" Carranza, Percy Olivares, Luis Redher, Walter Machaca, Jose Reyna Paredes, Alfonso "Puchungo" Yañez, David Chevez and Andres "Balan" Gonzalez among others

USA: Allan Adams, Chad Deering, David D'Errico, Brian Hooten, Ted Eck, Ed Puskarich, Brandon Pollard, Curtis Partain among others

Other players from all over the world that have played the WMC:
Ex national team players Alphonse N'Gon (Cameroon)  John Molomo and Ben Iroha (Nigeria) Patrick Shamu (Zaire) Salvador Coreas, Luis Ramirez "Pele" Zapata and "Zarco" Rodriguez (El Salvador) Pedro Cubillo (Costa Rica)
Dallas Sidekicks superstars Tatu, Roderick Scott, Sagu, Wilco Ravestijn, Terry Woodberry and Willie Molano among others


Soon we will be putting together a video with the highlights of different WMC and Legends events. If you have any material contact me  WMC webmaster 

Thanks to all the people who made this possible, including Anthony Mungioli who is no longer with us, but his memory lives forever. And most of all to a great guy I met 35 years ago and through many adversities was able to put all this together...Daniel Donati.


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